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Epoxy Coating Services


Marble Epoxy Floor Coating System

Marble Epoxy Flooring is a polymer based floor coating that finishes with a beautiful Marble-Like finish (Depending on application process), it is seamless and extremely smooth, suitable for various decorative domestic and/or commercial applications.

This product has a stunning beautiful finish, coupled with the fact that it is seamless and customisable colours, means it easily outperforms other flooring solutions.

It is water resistant, scratch resistant, impact resistant, slip resistant and completely anti-microbial.


Metallic Floor Epoxy Coating Systems

Metallic Epoxy floors are a seamless high-end look often mistaken for one of a kind unique marble. Epoxy floors are cost-effective and easy to install. Our Epoxy Floor Kits are designed to go right over your existing interior concrete floors

This is a decorative metallic epoxy flooring system that incorporates a penetrating, 100% solids vapor barrier epoxy primer followed by a 100% solids pigmented intermediate coat, and a high-traffic urethane finish. This system is widely used in design centric commercial/retail applications where a vibrant, contemporary finish is desired.

It is water resistant, scratch resistant, impact resistant, slip resistant( in acceptable levels as is for tiled surfaces) and completely anti-microbial for better hygienic conditions.


Heavy Duty Floor Epoxy Coating

Heavy Duty Epoxy Coating is a two-component solvent based epoxy. Heavy Duty Epoxy Coating is de-signed to provide an attractive protection coating to new and existing floors and other substrates, which are easy to clean and maintain. We offer a variety of colours, which comes in a pre-measured kit form.
Recommended uses:
This is a heavy-duty system which can be applied over your existing or new concrete, ceramic tile, wood, fiberglass, bathroom tubs ,basins and metal. It can also be installed on vertical surfaces such as steps and walls. A non-slip aggregate can be added to create a non-slip floor / walkway. Demarcation lines and traffic safety markings can also be applied.
Caution dropping sharp and or heavy objects could cause damage to the coating and the substrate and will not be seen as paint failure.
Suitable as a floor and wall coating in the following areas:

  • Warehouses

  • Aircraft Hangers & Maintenance Areas

  • Production Facilities

  • High Traffic Areas

  • Workshops

  • Vehicle Movement Areas

  • Cold Rooms

  • Walkways

  • Store rooms

  • Food processing areas

  • Battery, generator and pump rooms.

  • Laboratories

  • Garages

  • Residential Flooring

Product Properties:

  • Easily applied by Mohair Roller / Epoxy Pile Roller, brush, spray and airless spray.

  • Resistant to hot tyre marking and pick up.

  • High durability coating with excellent mechanical strength. (Dropping sharp and or heavy objects could damage the coating and the substrate)

  • Cures to a tough coating, that takes years of wear.

  • Water resistant

  • Resistant to normal household cleaning chemicals.

  • 300 Microns thick coating (per layer applied with roller)

  • Available in a variety of different colours and or clear

Technical Data:

  • Colour – A variety of colours, view our RAL colour chart. Finish Gloss finish

  • Mix Ratio – 11 : 1 Activator – Heavy Duty Epoxy – Part B ( Hardener)

  • Typical Film Thickness— 350microns thick per coat (applied by roller)

  • Theoretical Coverage 1kg – 2 to 3 sqm at +/- 300 microns; (applied by roller)

  • 5kg – 15 sqm at +/- 300 microns; (applied by roller)

  • 25kg – +/- 60sqm at +/-300 microns (applied by roller)

  • Method of Application Brush, Mohair / Epoxy Pile Roller, spray and airless spray

  • Number of Coats We recommend 1 coat Epoxy Primer (helps create a pinhole free coating), and then 1 coat Heavy Duty

  • Epoxy, In very high traffic areas, 1 coat Epoxy Primer and 2 coats Heavy Duty Epoxy

Polymer Coatings

Polymer Floor Primer Coating

A two-component Solvent-Based  Cementitious / Concrete Primer, compatible with both Epoxy and Polyurethane Top Coatings, and is a preparatory coating you apply to provide better adhesion by penetrating into the substrate for a better bond.

To be used as a Primer Coating on cementitious floors, cement or marbleise pool surfaces, where the substrate is extremely porous and dry.

Also available in a Water-Based variant.

Product Properties:

  • Easily applied by Mohair Roller / Epoxy Pile Roller, brush, spray and airless spray.

  • Water resistant

  • +/-125 Microns thick coating depending on penetration into substrate.

  • Available in a clear colour.

Drying Information:
Wait 24 hours for the floor to dry, test the floor before you walk on it, cooler weather may take longer to dry.

  • 24 Hours Touch dry at +/- 20˚C

Technical Data:

  • Colour – Available in a Transparent Colour

  • Finish – Gloss Finish ( dependant on penetration )

  • Mixing Ratio – 11 :1 – Product : Hardener

  • Activator – Part B—Hardener

  • Film Thickness – +- 75 to 125 microns thick per coat ( one coat normally required ) – applied by roller and dependant on penetration

  • Coverage – 25 sqm per 5 lt pail( single coat )

  • Application – Brush, Mohair Roller, Epoxy Pile Roller and Airless/Compresses Air Spray

  • Coats required – 1 x coat minimum required, unless surface is extremely porous, a 2nd coat may be applied.

Polymer Coatings

Clear Extreme Cementitous Epoxy/Polyurethane/MMA Self Leveling Coating

Extreme floor self-levelling coating

Extreme clear ( gloss/matt ) floor coating is a self-levelling, two-part polyurethane, blended with an epoxy, methyl methacrylate coating, which is specially formulated to be a non-isocyanate, bpa/f free coating. designed t be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, requiring high durability in a variety of conditions. 

May be applied directly to concrete. non-solvent , replaced with a diluent to ensure self-levelling characteristics. 

Available in gloss / matt finish – non slip to be created if required

  • no voc’s 

  • no iso-cyanite 

  • mixing ratio of 8:1 

  • solvent thinning only when applied by air-spray 

  • follow technical data sheet for mixing , preparation and application.

  • solids by volume 864% (+/- 1%) 

  • sg 1.2 (+/- 0.1) 

  • d-shore hardness 85 – 91 

  • maximum temperature 125°c (257 °f)

  • ph tolerance 3 to 13 

  • adhesion up to 15 mpa (astm d4541) 

  • voc 0 grams per litre 

  • flash point 127°c (80.6 °f) astm d93 

  • clear/transparent – also available as a standard color version 

  • theoretical coverage per pail 42 m² @ 125 μm dft for brush/roller application for non-levelling applications 

  • self-levelling to be done at 250 μm dft – theoretical coverage per pail 18 m²

Polymer Coatings

Group Freezer and/or Cold Storage Coating System

Foodsafe polymer resin based mma coating polymer group freezer coating.

Refrigeration and Cleanroom Coating that applies to cold, damp walls and floors without disrupting the environment.

Freezer Coat can be applied and will cure without raising the temperatures in cold rooms and without having to remove sensitive merchandise or refrigerated foods for fear of contamination by evaporated solvents or paint odours. It forms a high gloss tough monolithic surface minimizing the potential for germ or bacteria growth. Freezer Coat was developed specifically for use in cold rooms, walk in freezers and cold storage facilities, medical facilities and cleanrooms where an easy to clean surface really matters. Freezer Coat offers virtual renewal without the disruption and expense of replacing of wall or ceiling panels. Freezer Coat is food safe

1. Contains no VOC’s 
2. Contains no BPA’s 
3. Contains no Isocyanite 
4. Contains a Anti-Microbial Agent which irritates the algae and any bacteria/viruses and prevent the growth upon the actual coating. 

Thus the coating is easy to maintain hygienic and clean.


  • Cold Rooms and Cold Storage Warehouses.

  • Food Handling and Food Processing Rooms e.g. Abattoirs, Bakeries, Supermarket Preparation Areas, Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens.

  • Cleanrooms in electronic manufacturing and testing facilities.

  • Hospital departments designated as a Cleanrooms such as operating rooms, laboratories and nuclear medicine facilities.

  • Coating inside refrigerated boxes on delivery and transport vehicles.        


  • Withstands daily mandatory cleaning using aggressive cleaners and pressure water jets at 160ᵒF.

  • Odourless. 

  • 100% Solvent Free.

  • Contains no solvents. 

  • Non Toxic.

  • 2-part Coating Systems – Proper Mixing is required. 

  • Induction time required after mixing.

  • Applies easily using brush, roller or spray.  

  • Only mix that which is required as product dries within 3 hours.

  • Applies to Glass, Ceramic Tiles, Concrete, and Metal including Stainless Steel, GRP, Wood and many other surfaces.

  • Will cure in temperatures below freezing up to -7 degrees 

  • Seals apertures in walls and ceilings without having to introduce other trades.

  • Retards bacterial growth.

  • Cures to a high gloss, smooth finish.

  • Environmentally friendly.


Flake Epoxy/Polyurethane Floor Coating System

Flake Epoxy Flooring System is a tough & durable epoxy flooring system, comprising of a Two-component Water-Based or Solvent-Based Epoxy Enamel, a Two-component Solvent-based Polyurethane Clear Topcoat and Platinum White Flakes. It was designed and is perfect for DIY applications.

One kit will be sufficient to cover a single garage surface.

The Flake Flooring system consists of:

  • Two-component Solvent-Based Polymer Primer Coating
  • Two-component Water-Based or Solvent-Based Grey Heavy Duty Epoxy Basecoat
  • Two-component Solvent-based Polyurethane Clear Topcoat
  • Platinum White Flakes

The Flake Flooring System is designed and perfect for DIY or Professional Installation applications including:

  • Residential Garages
  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Patios
  • Kitchens
  • and similar exposure areas

Flake Flooring System advantages:

  • Bonds well to existing substrates
  • Fully customisable to your liking
  • Easy application
  • Easy to clean
  • Primer Based


Heavy Duty Floor Epoxy/Polyurethane Blended MMA Coating

Heavy duty floor epoxy/polyurethane mma coating system

Do you intend to re-coat the floor your Industrial/Commercial Warehouse or your Aircraft Hanger, and you are not sure exactly which type of product to use.

We have the perfect solution for you.

Our Heavy Duty Floor Coating System is designed for durability and extreme chemical and aviation chemicals/lubricant resistance and highly durable to warm tyres rolling over the coating.

Primer Based, with an 84% solid content.

  • No VOC’s
  • No BPA’s
  • PH Stability
  • High coverage.
  • Can be applied as a coating or self-levelling – both at a combined dft of 250 microns excluding the Primer Coating.